venerdì 1 luglio 2011

The Story of “TAYSIR”

In the following article I will mention some fictitious names in other to respect the will of the narrators. 

The protagonists of these stories are Amed Zitoumi and Abdullah Ben Haj Selem, fishermen of the seaside town of Teboulba, at Monastir.

The '' Taysir'' moored in Teboulba ( Bordeline europe)
The written in spray CP 38/11 on '' Taysir''( Bordeline europe)
A boat in Lampedusa ( Grazia Bucca)
We found ourselves in the port of  Teboulba, one of the well known fishing ports in Tunisia, the meeting point for many local fishermen. Among the thousands of the fishing boasts moored, you can notice the presence of a huge boat named “TAYSIR”, nothing so unusual if not for the fact that the bulkheads adjacent to the dashboard and the bow, there is a written very familiar to many visitors at Lampedusa “CP 38 /11 (harbourmaster, the 38th 2011), so I ask Ahmed how come a boat moored in a port of Tunisia have the written in a spray that states to be seized by the authority of Italian coast guards. He responds
declaring that such big boat came from Zarzis last February and on board there were 700 migrant going to Lampedusa, and  made it’s return a month ago from the island. I insisted questioning him and he told me that there is a big amount of money going around for the return of the boat being seized to their owners in Tunisia. He revealed to me that a guy named Taoufik Nouira, known owner of Monastir, is actually in contact with the a certain guy Moustafa Ben Kahla legally named Selem, who lives in lampedusa for years, explaining to me that Touik Nouira because of the conections he has, it is easy to contact Moustafa at Lampedusa and many Tunisian owners wishing to have get their boats back, boast that are sold already sold to the smugglers that are leaving the place from the authority of lampedusa. In the exchange of what  he does, these owners will pay millions of money of denary to moustafa, and for Moustafa this money is necessary so that he can cover up all the legal expenses for the return of the boat. Ahmed also know very well that if one wants to release a boat that has been seized, the only expenses is the money for the lawyer at the rate of 3 to 5 million denary and the  amount they normally require which is 80 million denary, which 40 thousand euros, the prize for the boat TAYSIR. The seized boat on lampedusa months ago and now moored in the pot of Teboulban strangely, Ahmed explains to me how did the relationship between Nouira Taoufik and  Moustafa Ben Kahlabegin; he explaind to me that in two months ago he had a brother named Fakr Dinne who was stuck at the port of Lampedusa after his boat was intercepted in Italian waters. And through the mediation of Moustafa he was quickly released by Lampedusa’s authorities. Since then to pay him back, he tries ease contracts between the owners of the boats seized at Lampedusa and Moustafa, tunisian citizen and native of Teboulba who lives in  Lampedusa. Moreover  Ahmed mekes me known Abdullah Ben Haj Selem, the man between whom Moustafa receives the money. He accompanied the owner of “Taysir” to Lampedusa. Abdullah also tells me that two hours before they arrived at lampedusa, the owner of “TAYSIR” travelling with him, announced to him about a fax he has sent Lampedusa containing the characteristics of the of the boat of Abdulah and the personal details of the person that will come for “TAYSIR”, and also confirmed to him that there was no need he should make known to the authorities in lampedusa concerning his arrival; a very procedure did have to follow according to the navigation code one must do entering and no later than the 12 miles before miles the territorial waters. Or else sanction will be the final seizure of the boat in the hands of the competent authorities. He also tells about how easy was his entrance to lampedusa and tell us that he saw the “TAYSIR” moored near the place patrolled continuously by the police “GUARDIA DI FINANZA”. After a while, Abdullah claims to have delevered 40 000 euros in a wrapped bag to moustafa and went on his way after that to the offices of the harbour in charge to arrange some practices, consistent in stating the identity of the boat just arrived and its crew. I read it “TAYAIR”, to the owner and dragged in with the owner on board. He was stunned by the impassiveness of the Italian authorities releasing a boat who has broken through Italian territorial waters without permission with not less than 700 souls on board, just only four months ago; committing a crime punishable by law with the seizure and destruction of the boat, including the rest of those responsible. Right today that, Ahmed claims that another “deal” of 44 000 euros has been setup, declaring to have met yesterday Taoufik Nouira while he talked on phone, waving a document with the symbol of the financial police sent by his businessman Moustafa.